Class 12 boy bludgeons grandmother to death, sets body on fire

April 14,2021

 In a shocking incident, a Class 12 boy bludgeoned his bed-ridden 83-year-old grandmother to death in a fit of rage in a Punjab village over her insistence to study rather than spending too much time on mobile phones and loitering on a motorcycle.

After committing the crime, the 16-year-old boy put her body on fire and locked himself in a room in his home to pretend that robbers did this act.

The incident was reported in the Bassi Kale Khan village in Hariana tehsil in Hoshiarpur district on Monday.

At the time of the crime the boy's parents were not at home.

According to the police, the boy on Tuesday confessed that he killed his grandmother by hitting an iron rod on her head. He took cues from television crime serials to commit the crime.

After the crime, the minor rang up his parents to inform them that four miscreants had come with an intention of robbery and had set the grandma's room on fire.

When his parents returned, they found their son lying in a bed box with hands and feet tied with a cloth. The door of the room was locked from outside.

The family informed the police about the crime.

During his questioning, the boy confessed the crime, Superintendent of Police Ravinder Pal Singh Sandhu told the media.

He said the boy was inspired by the crime serials and was planning the murder for quite some time. The accused was sent to a juvenile home.