COLORS 'Nima Denzongpa’s Akshay Kelkar and Usha Naik visit' Orange City Nagpur

November 26,2021

Nagpur, 25th November: With its engaging storyline fused with high octane drama and surprising twists, COLORS' popular show ‘Nima Denzongpa' has been keeping the viewers entertained every week. The story of ‘Nima Denzongpa’ (played by Surabhi Das) aptly portrays the struggles, unpleasant comments, and prejudices that a woman faces. In the recent episodes, Nima takes up a job of a domestic help at Goenka’s house to make ends meet, raise, and educate her three young daughters all by herself. Daughter Siya (played by Sushmita Singh) learns about Shiv’s (played by Chitransh Raj) marriage who was the love of her life and is furious with her mother for hiding this truth from her. To add more drama to it, Tulika (played by Sharmila Shinde) and Aai aka Sunita (played by Usha Naik) devise a vicious plan to increase the rift between them. 

Playing vital characters in the show actor Akshay Kelkar (who plays Suresh) and veteran actress Usha Naik (who plays Aai) visited the beautiful city of Nagpur to speak about the show and thank their fans for relently supporting the show. Whilst in the city, they not only spoke about the show’s upcoming track, the new twists that the viewers can expect but also visited some of the iconic locations of the city and enjoyed the local delicacies.  

Akshay Kelkar, who portrays Suresh said, “The audiences have been constantly showering their love on us and we are delighted to be visiting Nagpur today to interact with some of them. ‘Nima Denzongpa’ has a beautiful concept, which I believe is the core reason behind this overwhelming response. My character, Suresh, has many shades to it and shares a deep bond with his Aai. We have received a lovely welcome here, and the vibe here is really homely.”

Talking about her visit to Nagpur, Usha Naik said, “Nagpur is a delightful city and I love visiting it from time to time. Nagpur is one of my favourite cities in the country.  I have done many theatre programs in Nagpur and have spent some memorable time of my adulting here. This time I've come here as Sunita with my on-screen son Suresh (Played by Akshay Kelkar). We both cannot wait to get our hands on the delicious local food, I extremely love the food here. I am overwhelmed by the response that I am getting from the audience for my portrayal of Sunita. The most fascinating aspect of Sunita’s character is how she can add the element of humor even in the darkest moments. While she is known for creating trouble all around her, she also provides comic relief when the moment becomes too tense.”

 The ongoing plot of the show has taken an intriguing turn which has put Nima in a complicated situation, in the upcoming episodes we will witness Siya having a good time with her father Suresh (played by Akshay Kelkar) while she accuses Nima of taking Shiv and Suresh away from her. Nima will make all possible efforts to mend ways with Siya but all goes in vain. Later she finds that Nima is stuck at riots and is about to get attacked by the protesters. Will Siya mend ways with Nima and save her? Will Nima be able to keep her family happy again?  

To find out, keep watching ‘Nima Denzongpa’ every Monday to Friday at 9 pm, only on COLORS!