Mumbai: Kandivali Railway superintendent accused of misbehaviour

May 16,2022

The Kandivali railway superintendent on Thursday allegedly misbehaved with a commuter who tried to file a complaint against the escalators at the stations not working properly.

Bhavesh Chheda, a passenger on the Western Railways (WR), found the escalator not working on platform number one and went to the station superintendent’s office to lodge a written complaint.

“This is a common problem, and I have raised the issue several times on Twitter,” he said, adding that a complaint was filed, however, its copy was not given to him.

“I was carrying a ticket with a valid UTR number,” said Chheda, a resident of Malad West. “While returning in the evening, I again found that the escalator not working and went to the station office along with two other passengers. He told me that the escalator is meant only for senior the citizens.”

Meanwhile, an argument started to heat up, when Chedda tried to record and take a picture of the complaint copy.

“He (railway superintendent) tried to snatch my phone and ended up snatching my bag, containing valuable items,” he said. Denying the claims, a WR official said, the passenger was not carrying a valid ticket, hence, he did not get a copy of the complaint.

“He (Chedda) was told to either pay a fine for not being a valid commuter or to cancel the complaint,” she said. “When he realised that it was his fault, he became so furious that he threw the bag and walked away.”

On the contrary, Chheda said, “On arrival of the police and the gathering of the crowd, the station master returned my bag. However, he still did not hand me a copy of the complaint.”