Mumbai: Double celebrations for one family in Dadar

August 16,2022

Since 6.30 am on Monday, there were regular calls at the Mulays' home. Family and friends not just made a point of wishing them Independence Day but also greeted the family matriarch a ‘Very Happy Birthday’'. Vijaya Mulay is one of the few people who shares her birthday with Independence Day.

“My mother was born soon after midnight when we got Independence,” said Milind Mulay, a Dadar resident. A former nurse, Viajaya was born in Girgaon before she settled in Dadar. She lives with her husband, son, daughter-in-law, and grandson. On Monday they cut a cake with 75 years for celebration and had sweets.

“It feels nice to have a birthday on this day. A number of people wish you. My daughter and son-in-law also visited me today,” said Vijaya. “The concept of celebrating her birthday was never there before. We would celebrate Independence Day. It is only in the last 25 years when my wife came that we started celebrating her birthday. Otherwise, it was only greeting her,” said Milind.

Since her birthday coincides with Independence Day, those close to her remember her birthday. “She, too, makes it a point of noting down people's birthdays so that she can wish them. Earlier she would send a card to everyone she wanted to wish,” said Milind.