Sony launches the FR7, the world's first PTZ camera to combine a full-frame image sensor, lens interchangeability, and remote shooting functionality

January 25,2023

New Delhi, 25 January 2023: Sony today announced the latest addition to its Cinema Line, the ILME-FR7, an E-mount interchangeable lens camera with a full-frame image sensor and built-in pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) functionality. Its versatile remote control and cinematic features open creative possibilities in studio, live production and filmmaking settings.

A high-performance full-frame image sensor and the expressive scope of Sony's extensive E-mount lens lineup work with remote pan/tilt/zoom control, high flexibility in zoom capability and wide angle shooting to break through location and space limitations. It also offers the cinematic look and operability that have made Sony Digital cinema cameras push the boundaries of the filmmaking industry, plus versatile connectivity and efficient multi camera workflow support.

Mukesh Srivastava, Head Digital Imaging Business Sony India said "The cinematic look and feel of the content is fast becoming a requirement in the broadcasting and live production industry as it opens new avenues to share a narrative. The new FR7 camera is definitive answer to this trend with its PTZ and Cinematic features. It comes with an integrated, remotely controllable pan and tilt mechanism and with the flexibility to be used with a wide range of lenses. FR7 is going to change the way events are covered in reality shows such as house of worship, entertainment shows, sports, music concerts etc.

Price and Availability The ILME-FR7 camera will be available in India from 31" January 2023 onwards, price available on request. To register your interest for ILME-FR7, click here