Mumbai: Expansion Projects On Kalyan-Kasara, Kalyan-Asangaon Railway Lines To Improve Punctuality, Reduce Congestion

September 18,2023

In a significant development for Mumbai's suburban rail railway network, major expansion projects are currently underway on the Kalyan-Kasara and Kalyan-Asangaon section. These endeavors aim to address the acute congestion and enhance punctuality on the Central Railway suburban section. With approximately one-third of the work already completed, sources suggest these projects are on track for completion within the next four years.

The Kalyan-Kasara section, known as one of Central Railway's busiest routes, currently operates with only two tracks, often exceeding 150 per cent capacity. The ongoing Kalyan-Kasara third line project, with an estimated cost of Rs 792.89 crores, is set to create additional train services and significantly improve the punctuality of local and suburban trains. Furthermore, it will benefit long-distance trains like the CSMT-Nizamuddin Rajdhani Express and CSMT-Shirdi Vande Bharat Express, which traverse this route. Once completed, this project will reduce delays and ensure smoother operations for all trains on this corridor.

Asked about the progress, an official said, "The 67.35 km long third line between Kalyan and Kasara is budgeted at Rs 792.89 crores. Land acquisition is in progress, with 73 per cent already secured. Track laying and bridge construction are actively ongoing, with substantial progress achieved."

Additionally, construction of fourth line between Kalyan and Asangaon is also in progress. This project, expected to cost around Rs 1,759 crores, involves acquiring more private land compared to the Kalyan-Kasara line expansion. Asangaon, a vital suburban terminal, located between Kalyan and Kasara, currently handles numerous suburban train originations and terminations.

"These railway expansion projects represent a crucial step towards alleviating congestion and enhancing the efficiency of suburban and long-distance train services in the region. Once completed, they will significantly improve the overall commuting experience for passengers in and around Mumbai." said Shivraj Manaspure, chief public relations officer of the Central Railway.

He also said that this ambitious endeavor will alleviate congestion, improve punctuality and unlock new opportunities for both suburban and long-distance train services. With almost one-third of the work already completed, the project is poised to be a game-changer for the region.


Kalyan-Kasara 3rd line