Roadies 19: Gautam Gulati and Rhea Chakraborty accuse Prince Narula of “promoting hate” against them; Sonu Sood says, “What example are you guys setting?”

September 25,2023

Roadies - Karm Ya Kaand is going forward with brewing competition and drama. This weekend, four contestants got eliminated from the show, leaving everyone shocked and emotional. However, what caught the most attention was the ugly fights between the gang-leaders. Host Sonu Sood, was not happy with the same and schooled them for their constant fights in the show.

It started with Rhea expressing his she feels ‘disrespected.’ The actress revealed that Prince, posted a story against her and Gautam, calling them “fattu.” She further says that she has witnessed bullying a lot and Prince is just adding to that. Gautam agreed with her and slammed Prince for promoting “hate.”

However, Prince denied the claims and said that it’s him who feels negative and disrespectful on the sets of Roadies and that’s the reason he posted the Instagram story.

Rhea said, “I basically think all bullies are cowards because they can’t say anything on the face but can write bad things about you on the internet. Nobody wants to be disrespected and I definitely don’t want to be disrespected. He should stop bullying at this point because this is a very negative environment to be in.”

Later, Prince said, “I’ve been trying to sort things out with them for a long time now but they always sideline me, corner me and treat me very bad. I have all rights to write whatever I want on social media.”

The episode continued with Sonu Sood expressing his disappointment in the same. He told them that people will always write negative things about them and they shouldn’t bother at all. He said, “I don’t understand why it bothers you guys, when I was helping people during COVID, many bullied me too but I didn’t care and continued with my work. I don’t understand what example you guys are setting.”

However, the gang leaders kept their fight aside and hugged one another after Sonu Sood asked them to not create a negative environment and “fight all the time.” Towards the end of the episode, Prem and Shayan got eliminated from the show.