Innovative Angioplasty – Another First in Central India by Dr. Nitin Tiwari

November 08,2023

Nagpur : Wockhardt Hospitals Nagpur a leading health care hospital in  Central India has done it again. A first of its kind innovative angioplasty was done and saved the life of a 69 year old male patient.

A 69 yrs old hypertensive, diabetic gentleman with heart attack came to Wockhardt Hospitals, Nagpur and was seen by Dr. Nitin Tiwari (Sr. Interventional Cardiologist). The patient had undergone Angioplasty at Lucknow in 2011. He had recurrent angina (chest pain) and hence Dr. Nitin Tiwari did his coronary angiography which revealed 100% blockage in the old stent. This stent was a first generation (old type stent) which got blocked.  The patient also had one more block in LAD which was stented. Dr. Nitin Tiwari decided to do Angioplasty and stenting of the old blocked stent. Hard wires were used to cross the block. Balloons were used to inflate the block and one of the balloons got ruptured which lead to perforation (hole) in the middle artery of the heart. This is a serious life threatening complication seen in around 0.5% of angioplasties.

Dr. Nitin Tiwari did prolonged dilatation with balloon and treated it. Then he dilated the blocked stent with two drug eluting balloons (DEB) for 60 seconds each in the blocked stent and then put a covered stent (made up of fabric or PTFE) in the area of the hole (perforation). 

Dr. Nitin Tiwari , said the disadvantage of covered stents is that 30% of them got reblocked  within 6-12 months but by using it with DEB the reblockage chances  can be reduced to <5%. This was a novel way of using a DEB + covered stent in a medicated stent which got occluded. DEB’s can also be used for diffuse disease, small branches etc. 

Dr. Nitin Tiwari a dedicated professional took the challenge and stood against all adversities and did the innovative angioplasty with determination that saved the life of patient. At a time it was a crucial point where he took bold decision and the performed the angioplasty. This is the first ever case done in Central India and it involved innovative thinking and bold decision making during the procedure.

Dr. Nitin Tiwari is attached to Wockhardt Hospitals since last 20 years. A compassionate , sincere and dedicated professional Dr. Tiwari has to his credit more than 25000 interventions in complex Angioplasty. He is the only person in India to have done three consecutive IVL , a hattrick   to his credit. This one is another feather in his cap and also a proud moment for Wockhardt Hospitals Nagpur.

The patient is doing well and has been discharged.

Dr. Abhinandan Dastenavar , Center Head, Wockhardt Hospitals Nagpur, said, "This was really a challenging case. But our doctor expert team did it very accurately and the patient was saved.  Our expert doctor team need to be applauded for this. We are grateful to our doctor team and all the staff for their contribution which has made the hospital rose to pinnacle and made us feel proud. Here at Wockhardt Hospitals, Life Wins always."