CM Shinde steps in as Shiv Sena leaders clash over Mumbai Lok Sabha seat

November 16,2023

Tensions between Shiv Sena`s Eknath Shinde-led leaders, Gajanan Kirtikar and Ramdas Kadam, escalated over the Northwest Mumbai Lok Sabha seat on Tuesday, prompting Chief Minister Shinde`s intervention. Although the constituency`s two-time MP and seasoned politician, Kirtikar wishes to run in the next Lok Sabha elections, Kadam is targeting the seat for his son, Siddhesh Kadam, according to agency reports. 

According to the report, Kadam questioned Kirtikar`s sudden decision to contest after initially citing age as a factor, speculating on a plan involving Shinde to secure a ticket for Kirtikar`s son, Amol. Kirtikar retaliated by labelling Kadam a `traitor.`

"Gajabhau (Kirtikar) had said that he would not contest the polls owing to his age. But how did he become young after Uddhav Thackeray declared his son (Amol Kirtikar) as a candidate for the seat? Is there a plan to get a ticket for your son from Eknath Shinde because you and your son operate from the same office?" Kadam was quoted as saying.

According to Kadam, he won`t request a ticket for his son, Siddhesh. Although Gajanan Kirtikar is a member of the CM Shinde-led Shiv Sena, his son Amol Kirtikar is also associated with the Shiv Sena (UBT). Meanwhile, former state minister Kadam`s other son, Yogesh Kadam, is an MLA from Dapoli. Reports suggested that Amol Kirtikar is willing to contest polls from the constituency if the party asks him to although Kirtikar Sr said that he has asked his son not to contest from the same constituency.

In the midst of a verbal spat between the two leaders, Kirtikar called Ramdas Kadam a "traitor" on Monday. 

In attempts to resolve the dispute, Kadam met CM Shinde at his official residence in Mumbai on Tuesday. Following their discussion with Shinde, Kadam stated that Kirtikar should settle his issues with him before speaking with the media. Additionally, Kadam stated that he had no issues with Gajanan Kirtikar running for the Lok Sabha seat from Northwest Mumbai.

Amidst this, Shiv Sena (UBT) leader Anil Parab remarked on the leaders` actions, hinting at mutual exposure and implying betrayal. Parab confirmed Amol Kirtikar as Shiv Sena (UBT)`s contender for the Northwest seat and stated that they were confident of his success.