Maharashtra: Sharad Pawar-Led NCP Faction Alleges Bhujbal Of Doublespeak

November 20,2023

The rally at Ambad in Jalna was not to protect OBCs, but was meant to protect Chhagan Bhujbal, NCP (Sharad Pawar faction) leader Raj Rajapurkar said here on Saturday.

Except leader of the opposition Vijay Wadettiwar, the majority of the leaders who attended the rally were close to the BJP, Rajapurkar pointed out and stated that if the ministers and leader from the ruling party are protesting the government's stand that is bound to lead to confusion in the minds of people.

Rajapurkar slams Bhujbal

Accusing Bhujbal of doublespeak, Rajapurkar asked, "How can the ministers who clear the state government proposal to issue Kunbi (OBC) caste certificates later accuse the government of anti-OBC stand and still be part of the same government?"

"Several members of OBC communities attended the rally yesterday. They are puzzled as to how the persons who opposed DCM Fadnavis over the issue of quota are with him today. I'm puzzled as to how come Bhujbal doesn't utter a word against Fadnavis," Rajapurkar said and added that the OBC community should understand that the GR which Bhujbal is criticizing has been cleared by the cabinet of which he is a part himself.

Rajapurkar's demand for caste census

Rajapurkar also reiterated his demand for caste census.

"When he came out of jail Bhujbal was not aggressive. However, now he is talking about hitting the streets. Does he want to create terror?" Rajapurkar asked.