'Ranked Us Females Based on Looks...': Citigroup MD Sues For Sexual Harassment, Makes Shocking Revelations

November 21,2023

In a shocking revelations, Citigroup has been sued for sexual harassment. The lawsuit was filed by a managing director who has alleged that she and other female employees in the investment banking firm have been subject to sexual harassment, abuse and death threats.

Ardith Lindsey, who has been with the bank since 2007, accused former head of cash equity Mani Singh of sexual harassment last November.

Last year, Lindsey had reportedly downplayed on her accusations towards Mani. As she sues Citigroup, the managing director has made shocking revelations and accused the investment banking firm of tolerating a "notoriously hostile" environment.

Female Employees Were Ranked Based on Appearance, Looks

Lindsey's shocking claims reveal that the men in the equities division ranked female colleagues on the bases of their looks and appearances.

The MD also added that the male employees would often also discuss which female co-worker they would want to have sex with. Furthermore, the men also often pressured the women to visit strip clubs with them.

Lindsey added that the male employees of the equities division also mocked the bank's sexual harassment training and other women-centric initiatives.

The managing director added that she was been on medical leave since late 2022, shortly after her case with Singh and has been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression, memory loss and a 24-point drop in her IQ.

The Citigroup lawsuit has joined lawsuits against other big banks which have allegedly allowed this "boys club". Citigroup has stated that it will be defending itself against the lawsuit. "Our values and expectations are clear--no one should ever be discriminated against or harassed in the workplace," stated Citigroup.