PM Modi raises concern over Iranian President Raisi's helicopter crash

May 21,2024

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has voiced apprehension following reports of a helicopter crash involving Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi. The incident occurred during adverse weather conditions in East Azerbaijan.

President Raisi was returning from a meeting with Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, where they inaugurated the Qiz Qalasi Dam. The helicopter, part of a three-helicopter convoy, encountered difficulties in heavy fog. Despite initial uncertainty about casualties, rescue efforts are underway.

Some passengers managed to communicate with Central Headquarters, raising hopes of no casualties. Interior Minister Ahmad Vahidi stated that rescue efforts are hindered by adverse weather and difficult terrain near Varzeqan, 50 km north of Tabriz.

PM Modi took to Twitter to express his concern, stating, "Deeply concerned by reports regarding President Raisi’s helicopter flight today. We stand in solidarity with the Iranian people in this hour of distress, and pray for the well-being of the President and his entourage."