Preity Zinta on 6-year hiatus: Wanted to have children, didn't want to be lonely

May 27,2024

Actor and businesswoman Preity Zinta recently opened up about her personal and professional life in a new interview. She elaborated on why she took a six-year-long break from movies. Preity said that 'women have a biological clock' and that she 'wanted to have children.'

Speaking to DD India at the sidelines of the ongoing Cannes Film Festival, the actor said, "I didn't want to do a film. I was focusing on business, I wanted to focus on my personal life. People forget that for women, as actors, your craft is important, you want a body of work, but you have a biological clock. I've never dated anyone in the industry. I've never dated an actor. So the logical thing was I also needed to have my own family. I wanted to have children. I really don't want to be an accomplished actor and a lonely person."

Preity then went on to add that nature is not fair to women. 

"It's for every woman who works out there. Everybody tells you that I want equality, I want to work as hard as a man. But the world, they don't give you equality. You have a biological clock. Nature isn't equal to you, so you have to leave what you're doing and focus on that. My kids are two-and-a-half and I'm back at work. I'm loving work, but there's so much guilt everyday that I'm missing out," Preity concluded.