Salim Khan opens up about his inter-faith marriage with Salma Khan: 'I told my father-in-law religion will never be the problem'

June 07,2024

Veteran screenwriter Salim Khan recently shared insights into his inter-faith marriage with Salma Khan during an interview with his son Arbaaz Khan on The Invincibles talk show.

During the heartfelt conversation, Salim Khan reflected on the early days of his relationship with Salma Khan. He mentioned that before their courtship, he expressed his desire to meet her parents, believing that hiding their meetings was inappropriate.

"Before our courtship, I told Salma I want to meet your parents as hiding and meeting is a wrong thing. So when I went to her house, I felt all the Maharashtrians from India were there (chuckles). I was very nervous about seeing so many people," he recalled.

Salim Khan shared that Salma's father initially expressed concerns about their differing religions, but Salim reassured him that religion would not be a problem. "My father-in-law told me that I was a nice guy but religion was the problem. I was 24 at that time. I then told him, ‘Doctor sahib, meri aur aapki beti ke 1760 problems ho sakte hai, but religion will never be one of them," he shared.

Later, they went and registered their marriage but Salma's father did not accept or visit them for ten years. "He came for the first time after Sohail was born. He just saw us and went away,” he added.

Salim Khan married Sushila Charak, later known as Salma Khan, in 1964, and together they have three sons - Salman Khan, Arbaaz Khan, and Sohail Khan. However, Salim's love life took another turn when he fell in love with Helen, a renowned actress and dancer, whom he married in 1981.

During the same conversation, Salim Khan revealed that Salma Khan was the first to accept Helen, and gradually, everyone started living harmoniously. He also remarked that many people have tried to depict this kind of relationship in films and real life, but it’s very difficult to give equal importance to both sides.