This Independence Day,Nickelodeon says #KaroSochUpgrade

  • This Independence Day,Nickelodeon says #KaroSochUpgrade
    This Independence Day,Nickelodeon says #KaroSochUpgrade
    Nicktoons Moto Patlu visits Nagpur city for a street play at Shahu Garden...
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Nagpur : This, 15 th of August India will celebrate its 72 nd year of Independence. Every year we celebrate this day with utmost joy and pride and we promise ourselves to be better citizens. But do we stay true to this promise? Can we say that we are upstanding citizens of the country who are celebrating
freedom in its true form? This year, Nickelodeon sets out to showcase the true meaning of freedom with #KaroSochUpgrade. The inspiring initiative will see the Nicktoons and kids come together and ask every individual to celebrate freedom by being respectful to people around them and their environment.

As part of the unique initiative Nicktoons Motu Patlu showcased the true meaning of freedom with an immersive play at Shahu Garden in Nagpur. The Nicktoons and the performers bought the stirring thought to life by performing a rendition of the stories that would inspire torespecting those who keep their houses clean, not encourage or participate inany form of bribery and treat their city as you would
treat theirhouse.
While Motu Patlu go on ground in Chandigarh, Nagpur, Ahmedabad and Mumbai city. The channel will also take this campaign on air and on digital to spread the message of #KaroSochUpgrade through interactive and engaging videos and posts. 

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